but as popeye said you can try on a test plate a see for sure. Clear coat of Tamiya rattle-can gloss. J. JimmyR Member. It's been about 48+ hours, and haven't seen any reaction. Spray about 10-15 coats, letting each dry about 30 minutes in between. yelo. ANY air bubbles will expand over time and look like shit. Repeat until there are no more edges. Messages 3,790. This is normal and will disappear after drying. Low temperature PSA decals – used above clear coat.Do not require any heat treatment and are applied at ambient temperature. • Trim excess carrier film: Some decal images have an excess of carrier film outside the image area. I'm painting my bikes next month, and I plan on putting everything under the clear. Put very light dry coat on decal from a foot away let that dry over night. Can someone tell me the best way to remove them with ruining the underlying paint? 21303 posts in 2805 days. So adding a clear coat will generally fall under these categories: Protection– You may want to protect work already finished. I have clear coated vinyl decals on motorcycle tanks. Anyone ever shoot Clear coat on top of Decals with good results? I started using the 1500 grit to remove the last 10% of the decals, and continued with it to remove the line around the border of where the decal was. Do to the many variables of "Custom Painting" we can not guarantee the success of any paint project in anyway using our Graphics Under Clear Motorcycle Graphic Images. High Speed Autographics / graphicsunderclear.com is not responsible for any problems during or after the Clear Coat Process. I've got a motorcycle gas tank that has the decals clear coated over. I tend to use 6 - 8 mist coats or more. The thick clear coat should cover any bubbles and hide them. If I'm missing a step (or otherwise erring) please feel free to chime in. We have not tested all clear coat type paints and we use a professional paint shop to get perfect results. That way you can get the base coat sealed up within 24 hours of application like you are supposed to. If you DON'T put the decals under the clear on the tank and then spill gas on them, they will no longer stick, though. Clear coat over decals. 12-28-2013, 06:27 PM. Be sure to wet sand surface where decals will be installed using a 1,000 grit sand paper. Clear coating in and of itself is nothing magical. home | projects | blog. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 4, 2008. It's under the clear, so your options are to sand it out, if it's a vinyl decal under and you don't damage the base coat respray with a good 2K clear, sand 1500->2000->3000, then 3 stage buff back to shine. I need to re-Clear the tank since It is looking shabby, But want to keep the Decals intact. There should be plenty of layers below the decal to sand into before you hit metal, usually e-coat, prime, base and 1 clear at least. If it's a painted decal it's likely the absence of a base coat in … The purpose of a clear coat is to accomplish something else, some intended purpose. Removing decals under clear coat. Forum topic by firefighterontheside: posted 09-08-2019 03:50 PM: 1390 views: 0 times favorited: 12 replies: firefighterontheside. I like to clear over the base coat with a couple or three clear layers. I made one that called the guitar a "Fred Pretendocaster" and it got some good reactions. Repeat until there are no more edges. John Jolley hobbyist - Port Saint John, Florida. Don’t panic! Decals on wood and under varnish? Apply another coat of clear gloss to the surface with a brush. Clean area with automotive wax and grease remover. 2) You can also "remove decals under clear coat by heating with a hairdryer until the decal got soft, then picking at the edge, until [you can] peel the sticker off. Like you said, he doesn't recommend using clear coat over decals due to conflicting compatability issues. Never had a problem with it. Method 2 of 3: Applying Decals to Nails. 5 or 6 coats should suffice for regular race finish. The sticker will leave a lip of clearcoat around the edge where you removed it. I suspect other models probably were different. 3. But on the side of caution, I’ve always asked my decal guy for a few scraps of vinyl and did a test run sample with the base and clear coats I was using at the time, just to make sure that there was no adverse chemical reaction between the vinyl and paint. I was able to remove nearly 90% of the sticker in this way, and under is a clean original factory color coat. The industry standard method of putting clear over vinyl would be to lay a base coat, apply the vinyl, clear coat and let cure. Looking at a decal under magnification you can sometimes see the clear coat over the decal sheet has a bit of built-up edge on the edge of each individual decal image. Has anyone done this? these decals actually look pretty descent. We can’t put decals under powder lacquer due to the heat, for me to put a wet 2k lacquer on the frame will take 3-4 weeks and cost a further £120. Application of decals (and attendant setting solution). Then I progress to slightly heavier coats with about half an hour flash time. I see tables that are made like this. That first coat needs to be really dry or you run the risk of damaging the decal. I'm an automotive painter and I've done hundreds of projects that involved clearing over decals of some sort. It's been a while since I worked on such a decal … Then wait a couple or days or a week and then color sand the clear to flatten any orange peel and remove dirt nubs. Remove any residue with WD-40, lighter fluid, glass cleaner, &c (fine steel wool, if needed). Allow the top coat to dry and you’re all done! No bleeding, wrinkling, curling. If the spot was smaller then a quarter we just spot primed with a UV curable primer from PPG. CLEAR COATING OVER DECALS. Follow these instructions. Again flash time between mists is about 10-15 minutes. I am in the process of building the Bistro stools for our daughter and SIL that were in the Wood Magazine about a year or so ago. The customer will assume all risks. They have a very glossy appearance, so I am thinking It is probably not going to work since sanding them may jack them up. Wetsand the clear, reapply clear, and wetsand again. 1. Top clear coat of Tamiya rattle-can semi-gloss for a satiny finish. The tank I am painting looks to have factory Harley decals on it. He said they warranty wheels without decals. High temperature PSA decals – can be used on temperature treated surfaces at temperature 150- 180°C, used under clear coat only.Easy to apply, suitable only for smaller designs. He needs to try out this Future floor stuff! Just be careful applying them. Since we use only the best quality vinyl films (the same vinyls used by the automotive OEMs for their pinstriping and graphics), these products are NOT coming off unless you forcefully pick at them. 340 Posts . He said the structural integrity of the wheel doesn't change by removing a decal. 09-08-2019 03:50 PM . Should I apply the decals over the Zero paint, then clear coat, or clear, then apply decals, then clear again? If there is no clear-coat over the decals then you have several options: 1) Apply heat (hair dryer, IR lamp, propane torch) and gently scrape off. May 31, 2007 #5 Better still, why not make your own decal? 1. On my 02, I was going along taking off the graphics on the farings, all was great, lovin how it was starting to look. I'm an automotive painter and I've done hundreds of projects that involved clearing over decals of some sort. Wetsand the clear, reapply clear, and wetsand again. I thought about making the tank and wet sanding through the clear coat to the decal and trying to peel it off. 4. We've had great success with urethane base type clear coats. I just laid it on with an airbrush straight up, with no thinning, and it went on super easy. The industry standard method of putting clear over vinyl would be to lay a base coat, apply the vinyl, clear coat and let cure. I am going to give it more time in the sun do a pull test after it is really cured. I'd say after... Decals will be easier to apply on a level even surface (clear coat) than on a dull ruff one (base coat) AND in my opinion will be more authentique too, real race cars arent clear coat over the decals.... bradfordian. On Clearcoating Decals: Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to clearcoat our decals if they were installed on a properly cleaned surface. It has been a long time since I have done this and have forgotten what final clear finish to use over the decals and loco overall to seal them in. My clear coating so far has had mixed results and that's before the decal stage. Show Full Signature. If you hit metal you will need to reprime with a DTM primer before you use a waterbased paint like Aqualac or One Hit Wonder. Table with vinyl decals under epoxy « back to Designing Woodworking Projects forum. [Then.,] sand the edge smooth with … Only use high quality PPG or BASF automotive type clear coat paint. Posted by astapleford on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 9:27 AM I've just finished painting and decaling a loco. The chairs will be used in a protected area and not exposed to the weather full time. The decals feel really thin, almost like a Mylar. I called the factory, and they said that the decals had a clear coat on them. Whether needed to withstand the heat of a powder clear coat after application or use on a barbeque grill, temperature is no longer an issue. if you plan on liquid graphics i would use liquid to clear and save the heartach of haveing to start over. I've owned it since new, so I know for sure that it came that way from the factory. In some cases, I found cutting the decal out inboard of that built up coating yields a thinner edge, some I just cut right up to the color itself. you'll want to be careful not to get too aggresive and get into the color area under the old decal area. My plan is to clear coat, decal, then clear again to seal the decals in. Your clear coat may also look foggy and transluscent white. Apply more clear as needed. I have heard that with the decals, it's important not to go too heavy with the clear coat to start with. I use a gray scotchbrite pad. For clear coating the finished project - apply very fine mist coats to build up a seal coat slowly before going anywhere near a wet coat. Requires a little more refining before I tackle the Bruiser. Re: painting decals on powder coat most liquid will not hold up to powder temps and if the do you still have the problem of them causing the clear powder to lift off. Also, I own a new old stock tank and 2 side covers for my model and they are done the same way. Advertisement. I scuffed the coat with the gray Scotchbrite, then applied my production clear and let it sit. Our decals do not need to be clear coated, but the life span will be increased significantly if you choose to clear coat. Heat resistant decals give our customers many options for applying artwork to their products without concern for heat in the production process or later use. Once the decal is suctioned to the kit with the softener and smooth, apply another coat of clear gloss to seal everything in and prevent damage to the decal. Trimming it off reduces the chances of it being visible on the model later. He did say however that a friend of his who rides easton wheels removed the decals by sanding though the clear coat. Your model may have a flat finish, but you can coat decal areas with clear gloss, apply the decals, then return after they are dry and apply a clear coat with the desired sheen. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAND THE DECAL IN ANY WAY. Install decals as shown in your order's enclosed instructions. March 9, 2009. 2. On my 1977 KZ650-C1 the tank decals are under the clear coat and the side cover and tail decals are over the clear coat.