Females are large, they have rounded and pronounced abdomen and as a rule they have quite pale coloring. Possibly, some laws of nature get on the stage, when there is an exceeding number of males in the tank and the population compensates the female number to save itself. $15.00. But it is dark at night in the wild, isn’t it? Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to classify guppy, since as a result of numerous hybridization each year we get more and more new breeds. You have to clean the tank with juveniles often to avoid food leftovers rotting. Can live even in a glass of water, but this will be a survival, not a real life. Sergey is a founder and author of Meethepet.com. Verified Supplier, Guppy Zone Feed them with milled branded food (the same that you feed adult with). During the first hours of their life juveniles will lay down and hide somewhere, but very soon they will start to swim and feed. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it’s … Also fancies food with high vegetable content. The thing is that guppy become very beautiful after selective breeding, but at the same time they become rather demanding and loose all their initial advantages. They breathe with oxygen dissolved in water and there is not enough oxygen in your tank. Also it is better to turn off the lighting at night, though many aquarists don’t do this. It depends on tank conditions and water temperature. Red Guppy – This fish is entirely black in color with yellow hues on the neck region. They can do it both accidentally and because the water in the tank isn’t good. Watch; Live Guppy Fish -Albino Full Red- 1 Pair (Male & Female) Bred in the USA. So, my choice is a tank with bottom substrate and plants. Once in a week you can organize hunger day for the fish, but keep in mind that they will actively look for food and their own juveniles will quickly become their prey. It is acceptable to keep only male in the tank, if you don’t need any offspring. Small & Large Comet Goldfishes, Rosy Red Minnows and Live Blackworms... have arrived! This kind of substrate will only lay emphasis on the beauty and bright colored patterns. Lifespan is about 2 years in average. ★★★★★ Free shipping. Remember when was the last time that the fish spawned and watch the fish. What do you need for breeding? ৳500.00 Albino Full Red Guppy Guppy-Syon-Aquarium-Fish. 4★ However, we’d like to warn the beginners against buying bright fish types obtained after selective breeding. As a rule, the fish dwells in clean flowing water, but they also like brackish nearshore waters, but not salty seawater. Guppy Zone - Offering Brazilian red hd guppy, 2, Size: Adult at Rs 150/pair in Kozhikode, Kerala. Main parameter used for classification is the color of its body (mainly it’s male coloring), then comes the size, shape and color of its fins. Save up to 15% when you buy more. $35.00. But more often than not the reason of the fish death is improper keeping. Most females from natural habitat have gray scales with pronounced diamond shaped pattern, which gave the name to the strain: reticulum (in Latin it means reticle, net). • 5 Small Comet Feeder Goldfishes for $1.00 • 3 Large Comet Feeder Goldfishes for $1.00 • 4 Rosy Red Minnows for $1.00 • 1 Serving of Live Blackworms for $1.99 ** Limited to stock on hand. Albino Full Red High Dorsel Guppy Fish ₹ 250/pair. Put the female into a separate tank with the same water parameters and tank plants, where the juveniles can hide from her (yes, he is going to eat her kids). Which means that the juveniles are born fully formed and ready to swim. It’s better to put some tank plants with small leaves without sharp edges, that can harm the fins and tails. Service Provider of Guppy, Brazilian red hd guppy & Full Red Guppy offered by Guppy Zone from Kozhikode, Kerala, India Gestation period of the female lasts about 21-40 days depending on the tank water temperature. The fish gets its name exceptionally due to the color of its tail fin: so, if guppy has yellow colored body and red tail, it’ll be called a red guppy. Buy It Now +$15.00 shipping (CGP-61)D-13 German Ribbon Guppy XL Size Show Grade High Quality. Is a very peaceful fish that causes no trouble to its tank mates. $33.00. Gestation period of the female becomes shorter and the juveniles are born small sized. Which means that for successful breeding you can keep one male for 3-5 females, though there can be more males in a tank, because they don’t fight with each other, they only compete. Although, some live up to 3 years. Small, but excessively active fish requires a small sized tank. Otherwise, the females will be stressed all the time due to the male fish haunting them. or Best Offer +$15.00 shipping. The female also has elongated body, but its back side is more flattened from sides. Service Provider of Guppy, Brazilian red hd guppy & Guppy Aquarium Fish offered by Guppy Zone from Kozhikode, Kerala, India Yes, you can, but it looks pretty sad…since, this is an active and joyful fish that likes company. Get the best deals for moscow guppies at eBay.com. Additionally, the half-black blue guppy can come in different shades of blue. It’ll do the job quite well and won’t suck the fishes inside it. Fishes don’t need any light in general. We can’t call guppy a schooling fish, but there is almost no point in keeping just one fish couple. The half-black red guppy has at least half its body in black and the rest in red. You must pay special attention to how often you renew water in a tank and how often you feed guppy. This depends on the female – on its age and size. Each of them has surely had a guppy fish in a tank even just once. The thing is that during such haunting process the male fertilizes the female and soon you’ll have juveniles in your tank. Guppy and photo: Oscar Inostroza This version of the Red Moscow has an intense red coloration with a Poecilia reticulata habitat is in freshwater and brackish water basins of Venezuela, Guiana, to the North of Amazon river, on the North of Brazil, Barbados islands and Trinidad. Some of them we have already mentioned above, but also you may read the article, – every fish that is in the list will do as a tank mate. However, if guppy lost its tail, this is a warning sign – either someone is nipping its fins and you have to study carefully the tank mates again, or the fish is ill with some infectious disease and you must examine other fishes in the tank even more closely. ★★★★★ For example, in the morning and in the evening. Get them while we have them in stock! One mating is enough for several fertilizations: the female spawns juveniles in portions – each 1-1.5 months. Save up to 7% when you buy more. The fish is not demanding, but it gets its maximum beauty only at favorable tank conditions. Get Quote. Guppy (lat. When the time comes, the female will spawn without issues. Normally, female spawns juveniles once in a month, but the terms may vary depending on the tank water temperature and conditions. If they get worse, roots of the plant start to rot and it floats up to water surface or even dies. 1★ We can’t give you just one right answer for this question. As a rule, guppy breed quite successfully in a common tank. Guppy, Guppy Brazilian red rose & Albino Full Red Guppy Fish offered by Guppy Farmfrom Vadakara, Kerala, India It is easier to clean an empty tank, but it doesn’t look nice. The female has a bit enlarged abdomen and you can see eggs in its anal region. It’s desirable to use a water filter (internal one will be quite enough), though if you have an external one, this will do as well. 1 Pair Albino Koi Guppy Red tail Adult Male + Female. Watch; 1 PAIR - Live Guppy Fish High Quality - ALBINO RED KOI - USA Seller. Males become reproductive at the age of 2 months and females when being 3 months old. Abrupt changes of tank water temperature and parameters (pH, gH) take toll on male fins. His favorite aquariums are biotopes (Amazon River),  with Echinodorus and Angelfish. Fancy guppy have low immunity and require special care. Possibly, it is too hot in a tank or you haven’t cleaned it for a long time or maybe the tank is too crowded. Balussery, Kozhikode-673612, Kerala, India. With its black body and bright-red … But it’s better to close its apertures with additional fine mesh, because a powerful filter can not only suck the juveniles inside it, but the adult fish, too. The latter are smaller, thinner, they have large fins and their anal fin was modified into gonopodium (roughly said, this is a tube by means of which males of live-bearing fishes fertilize female). The idea is simple – the more guppy you have in a tank, the more impressive and beautiful they look. Moderate tank illumination is preferable for guppy, but not more than 12 hours a day. Watch; 1 Pair - DUMBO RED TAIL ,BIG EAR, HALF MOON - Live Guppy Fish Grade A++. Even people who are not into aquarium husbandry know about this fish, not to mention aquarists. These are — tiger barb, black skirt tetra, red-eyed tetra. 1970 (Moscow, USSR) – famous Mr. Kornev received Moscow Full Scarlet guppy from cross between Red guppy with small transparent tail and Golden guppy with big tail. Albino Red Moscow. Watch; M 1 9 R S p o n A s o r e M F Z d 6 S. Red Blonde Guppies - 8 Fry - Mixed Sex. To compete, they have to have a one-to-one proportion of body length to tail length, but in fact, this is more difficult to find than most people realize. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Watch; S p o n I W 4 s o r X 3 S T e d 2 K T 9. They won’t harm the juveniles, but they’ll eat the food leftovers. When such rubbish accumulates in the tank – the fish gets ill. You can help it by cleaning the tank bottom and renewing tank water. Without exception all wild female species have transparent and colorless fins and their body is grayish with green, blue or olive-green tint. Brazilian Red (HB Red) Guppy for salePlace- Nalanchira Thiruvananthapuram Mob/WhatsApp-7012617269 Again this is either due to dirty, old tank water or some infection. Offspring of the most high-bred parents in small tank still won’t get neither their brightness, nor the size of their fins. Dark colored small grained gravel is a good bottom substrate for the tank. The male body is elongated, thin and a bit flattened from sides. USS Odax (SS-484), a Tench-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for odax, a brilliantly colored, red and green fish belonging to the family Scaridae, the parrot fishes.Her keel was laid down by Portsmouth Navy Yard on 4 December 1944. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Guppy Pioneers in the industry, we offer Brazilian red hd guppy, Jet Black Ribbon Guppy, Spear Tail Red and Albino Red Lace from India. Brazilian Red Rose Guppy Fish ₹ 150/pair. Try to renew 20% of water once a week and monitor state of other fishes in the tank. It’s quite simple to see between female and male. Guppy adapt better to hard water and they stand brackish water quite well. As for the live food, favors bloodworm, tubifex, brine shrimp, corethra. The Brazilian Guppy Association decided to bring together all the guppy enthusiasts ... 1 delta tail- red 2 delta tail- blue 3 delta tail- albino AOC class all tail color except red color 4 delta tail- purple 5 delta Tail- half black pastel, half black white and half black yellows